Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cat Bath

The other day Neelix managed to get himself all dirty to the point where he required a bath before he got filth all over the house. Keep in mind this went down at around 9am, which is typically less than 5 hours after I went to bed and at least 3hours before I'd normally be waking up.

Chris won't deal with it because he's a pussy, so he wakes me up to deal with it. Letting the cat stomp around covered in grime in the meanwhile.

So I sleepily get out of bed and try to give him a quick rinsing in the sink. He's having no part in that, splashing water all over and generally just making an even bigger mess. So I resign to have to actually put him in the bath tub and give him a thorough scrubbing. This I was not looking forward to at all.

Spock did this once, and she hated every second of being bathed. She screamed for mercy and got water and soap everywhere as she desperately tried to escape from the tub. There's pictures of her in my Pets gallery of her clinging onto the faucet for dear life. So of course I expected pretty much the same from Neelix.

I filled up the tub with water and pet soap and then set him in it, closed the shower door and went downstairs to clean up the mess he made while Chris was being entirely unhelpful. When I came back upstairs I was expecting to hear him whining and trying to escape the bathtub... but he wasn't!

When I entered the bathroom and opened the shower door he was loving it! He was walking around in the water and trying to catch the bubbles. It was so damned cute! When I finished rinsing the suds off of him I drained the water and toweled him dry (mostly). I accidentally left the shower door open a crack and he was actually trying to go back in for another bath.

So, new discovery: Neelix loves taking baths.

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