Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Addition to The Family

Hello, tiny Neelix.
As many of you know we have been looking since April for a new kitten. We've searched online ads, newspaper ads, the APL, local pet shops everyday and nothing. Strange right? I know.

What few ads we answered either never returned our calls, were trying to pass off 3+ year old cats as kittens, or had given/sold any kittens they may have at one point in time had.

We had just about given up looking and decided to just wait until next year. Then my friend Kristen forwarded me a link to an ad on Myspace for free kittens. I didn't even know Myspace had a classifieds section.

We went to visit them and fell in love with a small orange and white spotted one, whose mannerisms and personality I thought would get along well with Spock's. We brought him home and the two of them are getting along wonderfully. When we left for work this morning they were playing together in the living room.

Spock now has someone to keep her company while we're at work.

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