Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Brother's Name...

So Chris and I went to dinner at my mother's house tonight. While there Chris and Brook were engaged in a conversation about music...

The theme song from Disney's Aladdin came up and Brook seemed totally stumped, as if he had never ever heard of it before. Not just the song but as if he'd never heard of the story, the movie, any of it.

So there's this moment of disbelief between the rest of us and then we all try to clarify the concept for him. Finally after some time Brook replies "Oh, that Aladdin!"

That Aladdin? What? Because Aladdin is such a common name you had him confused for any other Aladdin?

This is where the conversation got really good though. My mom turns to Chris and then to me and proclaims absolutely serious, "I should have named your brother Aladdin."


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