Thursday, June 21, 2012

Follow Me!

Aaron brought something to my attention a while ago and I've been meaning to write this since then. I've just been going through a lot and haven't had the chance or drive to really sit down and type it in any sort of coherent manner that isn't just me going, "AHMERGERD DO THIS PL0X!" So this is me attempting to not do that. Though be forewarned: I've had incurable writers/artists block for over a month now, so I could very well fail in that.


What he brought to my attention was that while I have tons of unique viewers each month, most of you do not follow my blog publicly even though you read everything I write and check back frequently. You also do not make a habit of commenting on the content publicly, you email me or contact me privately through some other means to agree/disagree/share stories. I really appreciate your support, even if it's private, don't doubt that for a moment! However, this makes me look like some sort of crazy person when I write a new blog and make statements such as, "So you guys have wanted this for a while, here it is..." Like maybe I've got a few imaginary friends, or a couple extra personalities.

So basically what I'd like, just so I don't wind up trying to write blogs in a straight jacket, is for you guys to take a few seconds of your time to click the little Follow button. And when you feel compelled to comment on the things I write, do so here rather than elsewhere. I believe I have it set so that you can comment on everything even without a Google account (so long as you can prove you're a human being and not Spamtron 9000).

You don't have to. Nothing will change if you don't. I'll continue to write nonsense about my life, review video games, draw ridiculous pictures, and talk about delicious food. I won't hate you and leave forever or anything. I understand some of your are web-shy. It'd just be nice to not look like someone who might lick pennies and talk to herself on the internet.

I feel like I should draw a picture for this, but I have no idea what.


  1. I usually don't comment because the website gives me an -extremely- hard time about doing it. I have to sign in several times, etc, before it seems to realize I'm here. *tests again* ...

  2. Yup, just like that... *kicks the website for being stubborn*

  3. Comments don't show up unti they've been approved, either. So that probably doesn't help much. Unfortunately if I don't moderate comments spam gets through the captcha (what are you good for anyway, captacha?!). x_o

  4. Draw a pic of you licking a penny. LOL.